In the Breathe

Just recently, I was reading how our breathing creates space in our bodies to move through different asanas (yoga poses). I was thinking about how since I’ve got so involved in yoga I’m enjoying learning all that I can about the practice. I’m also appreciating my body for all that it’s doing for me as well as thanking myself for coming onto my mat daily. Looking forward to seeing how I improve in the months to come. 

New adventures coming soon…. 

I haven’t been posting simply because I’ve been busy practicing yoga and also working at the yoga studio in exchange for free classes… well recently, I signed up for teacher trainer and I’m so excited to see where this journey will take me. 

I’ve had the opportunity, since working at the studio, to talk to recent graduates of the 200 hour yoga teacher training and they all have had great things to say. This made me super ready to dive into it and constantly has my mind thinking of a flow that I can use when I become a teacher. I’m hoping during my training I will find time to update my blog and share my learning experience.. 

It’s a new year of Gratitude… 

Last month, girls and I decided to do a thankful each  day and reflection at end of night. At the start of December we would jot down a thankful and fold it up and place in the jar. Once our night came to a close we would do another reflection and also place in jar. 
On January first, we were so excited to take one out and read aloud taking turns. It brought smiles, laughter, joy and great memories to each of us. 

So after reading each one, girls and I decided to keep our new tradition going. With our prior month of thankfuls, we plan to make a colorful collage as a keepsake to maybe frame and hang up. 

As we move forward in our new month we start anew. To again read them at the beginning of next month.. 

My morning comforts 😍

On this day, I awake with a slight headache which quickly made me want to try my new tea Infuser spoon. I recently picked up dried rose petals and I dried and grounded my own ginger. So I was excited to make a tea combo out of the two. I added my hot water, of course, cinnamon stick and honey. It taste most delightful. I should’ve captured a picture but I was too busy enjoying it, but I did get the all done photo…. 

Now that I’m feeling relaxed, I decided to recline in the car and think about what I will write in my new journal book. Wishing everyone a happy holiday and hope your moments will be enriched with family and dear loved ones. 

Straight from work; right to work. 

After leaving the 9-5, well in my case the 8-3, I had so much running around to do. After grabbing one child from the school bus, we raced against time to do my errands before picking up the other child from her after-school program. Once I got home, there was no rest for the weary, I’m referring to me, I had to jump right to it and make a Christmas fruit arrangement for the job pot luck tomorrow. What I thought would be a quick hour of my time, turn into me losing track of time together. It’s quite alright because I actually enjoy doing fruit arrangements. I find myself getting lost in my work. It’s like it gives me a new energy and my hands just says,

don’t worry we got it from here. 

All in all, it’s always a great time that leaves me ready to relax after. Guess I can sit back and enjoy the rest of my night now.. 

Thanks for stopping by my page. Ciao ✌🏾

Homemade Lavender Shea butter soap with Aloe Vera, coconut milk and oil.. more to the holiday basket.. 

This was my first time trying my hand at making soap and I actually enjoyed it.. I added Lavender buds as well as Doterra Lavender essential oils.. The touch of himalayan sea salt will work as a nice exfoliants scrub… looking forward to giving away the holiday baskets as well as using my own homemade soap… 😁