1st Post Ever!! (Yikes) 

I’m a women who is in her mid-thirties who just decided I want a change in my life.. so I recently became vegetarian on my way to vegan. I feel like I’m more spiritual than ever before (that’s saying a lot coming from a Christian background all my life). Recently acquired  my passport and I’m ready to see all of The universe beauty with my children. This site will be a bunch of randomness with my rambles. You may see me post about spiritual meditation yoga Nature or maybe fashion head-wraps and crystal jewelry Or maybe even foods that are plant-based with their health benefits. I really don’t know but what I do know is I got “Another Chance 2 Get It Right” 😊

6 thoughts on “1st Post Ever!! (Yikes) 

    1. Thank you my dear friend. If you feel like it follow me on my journey and see what I learn through my sharing of thoughts… ( ps. Don’t ask me how you follow me cause I haven’t figured it out yet lol)


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