Vegan Tuna (Oh boy, What’s that?!?!

    When I started on this journey of trying to eat better I hadn’t quite realize how hard it was going to be – At first..  I found myself saying ok I’m going to eat more plant based foods then I would be on the phone with the closest pizza shop ordering a large cheese pizza. Yes it was hard transitioning,  at least for me it was… 

     As I begin to search the web I would come across recipes and say oh I am going to try that until I got to one of the ingredients and said to myself what the hell is that? And where do I find that?  lol needless to say I didn’t give up that quickly. I was determined to embrace this new lifestyle of eating well so I would start with a smoothie each day instead of a coffee and I would be so amazed at how fast my energy improved.. I then substituted out sugary drinks for more water (imagine my kids surprise when they opened the fridge and yelled, Mom where’s all the drinks???) Good thing my lil ladies have adapted to drinking more water as well… 

    Ok got sidetracked, so last night my Lil ladies and I decided to try making one of the recipes we looked at endless times… “The Vegan Tuna” who knew that shredded carrots (organic) and chickpeas would make up such a great sandwich… of course it’s other ingredients such as a sheet of Nori, which I had to go to Whole Foods to find.. Might I add, I so love that grocery store… well after we were done making our vegan tuna sandwich the taste test was next…. (drum roll please 🎉🎉)  Well the verdict was in and my Middle child and I were surprised at how it taste pretty good with a tuna consistency. This is definitely a recipe I’ll keep in my back pocket… 😊😊

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