Goodnight 🌟 Moon πŸŒ™

         When you take a moment to really settle down you can truly see the beauty of the universe – right where you are. Just look up, no matter if it’s day or night the sky always seems to have a story to tell. Nature is by far one of the greatest creations we are able to witness each day.. the sounds, the smell of fresh air, even the touch of grass and/or sand on our bare feet, nothing else can truly compare. 

     So it’s mindboggling how people can just sit up in a house daily when there is so much outside the home to see. 

     Laying flat on your back looking up at the stars or the trees with sunlight peeking in may be one of the relaxing most calming experience I’ve ever encountered.. see as we age we forget what it’s like to be childlike. To have fun. Many of our greatest ideas comes from imagination and imagination is mainly used when we are Childlike. 

     So before I shut down for the night I wanted to share some of what life has blessed me with, the beauty of nature and the ability to go into my childlike self through my lil ladies…. GoodNight ⭐️ Moon πŸŒ™

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