Back to school here already… 

I truly feel like summer always goes by so fast. I guess it’s all the outdoor activities and water park fun that makes summer scurry along every year… while the parents and students alike are happy that the school year is returning, no one is excited to say goodbye to BBQ’s late night breeze, the beaches and just summer in general… Students are more excited to see which classmates will be in their classes, as well as the teachers they will encounter. Parents are thrilled the kids will be out of the house and back to a scheduled routine.. 🎉🎉 

One thing I can say I’m never over the moon about the supply school list. It’s always a crazy amount of supplies that are needed, but once all the shopping is complete and all the items are labeled, us parents can take a quick sigh of relief. I say quick because soon our intelligent children will come home with the homework that neither the child or the parent understands. So as I prepare to say, “Well didn’t you guys learn this in school?” I know deep down us parents look forward to another year of greatness.  💡📚🚃

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