I Will; I Am…. 

Two of the most powerful beginning phrases that should be used in everyday life.. I Will & I Am. Forward thinking is the greatest attitude to start off your morning and ushering it into your entire day.

  • I Will make it to work on time
  • I Am a strong ambitious woman
  • I Will go on vacation twice a year
  • I Am giving; therefore I’m always receiving. 
  • I Will to do so – whatever that may be
  • I Am – tells you who you are… 

The thing is believing you can and you will.  I remember in my youth, at school,  my teacher had the whole class do a project with an aluminum can and a magazine. We had to peruse the magazine looking for all sorts of eyes and cut them out and place them to the side… Once we were done, we then had to glue each eye to the can. At the time, it was just fun little did I know it would be a message behind the project at hand. Upon completion, my peers and I looked at each other cans with astonishment and our teacher began explaining to us that through our assignments we were creating our own confidence within self. “The Eye Can”.  We can create the future we want. She was showing us that I can’t shouldn’t be apart of our makeup. To this very day, I hold that assignment and the words she said dear to my heart and pass it down to my children. 

We speak to our subconscious minds daily.  We can either allow outside sources tells us what we are or we can tell ourselves who we are.  I am beautiful!! See it’s just that simple. Allow yourself to be loved by YOU daily… 

Sincerely Your Friendly Reminder ☺️ 

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