Weekends fly by; while work week stays and lingers… 

I absolutely can’t wait for the day when I’m no longer apart of the “The Rat Race.” Life, In my opinion, is meant to be lived. Not going to a 9-5 job doing the same predictable work day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong I’m good at what I do and I appreciate the employment, but there has got to be something more… like the saying or song goes: 

Everybody working for the Weekend… 

Well I don’t want my whole entire existence to be living for the “American Dream” What if I want the South American or Central American dream and so on and so forth. My point is, we shouldn’t spend our whole life doing things that aren’t inspiring to us. My absolute dream is to become an expat to see other rich cultures aside from the Great United States. 

Wait…. {Pause} 

I just realized my title is talking about the weekend flying by, but here I go ranting about the work week.. 😂😂 Ok so my weekend is almost over, thank God I still have Sunday and Football 🏈. My first part of Weekend,  I spent it with my lovely sister and her two adorable children and she had me come over stay the night with my two lil ladies, whom I showed pictures of in other blogs, and wouldn’t you know it in the morning she had me cook breakfast. I was Bamboozled. I don’t quite know how she talked me into cooking, but I think it started with asking if I would make the eggs. So I said, sure I’ll make the eggs. Little did I know that me saying I’ll make the eggs would turn into eggs with spinach diced peppers onions and sharp cheddar and muenster cheese. Some eggs hunh!! Then I also cut up honeydew and cantaloupe, in which they were mixed in a bowl and we had fruit dip with that.. (Soooo Good!!🍈🍈) My sister, however did manage to pop the hash browns into the oven. All in all, we had a great breakfast.. 

later that day I got my lil ladies ready and they headed to church picnic with my dad. I didn’t stay, but I did spend the remainder of my Saturday with my mom watching a ton of videos on YouTube of all sorts of people traveling and seeing all sorts of exotic places and sharing the rich culture with us thru video. 

 Now it’s Saturday evening and I’m wondering why the weekend always seems to run away like a cheating mate, while the work week is like a over possessive mate 😳😳… lol don’t mind me, I’m not a great writer just here laying down my thoughts, my rants and my days… Hope you guys are enjoying your Weekend as much as I am. ✌🏾️

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