Vegetarian Bibimbap

I know who wants to eat something with a word that looks made up? Me that’s who… 

Thanks to home delivery service, “Hello Fresh” they send you all the ingredients with recipe you just have to cook it. No problem.. well until I realized I had to shave carrots and zucchini and that’s saying a lot for someone who isn’t fond of sharp objects… 

I also had to minced the garlic, diced the ginger (which added a great scent to my kitchen) and thinly slice the white mushrooms. Oh and something else with broccoli and scallions. All in all, I guess I better get more acquainted with the knives in my kitchen. 

It started to become more fun when I was able to actually start cooking. Lol

Only downfall, at least for me, was going back in forth looking at the next step or finding what step I was on all while being on a timeframe. Who I’m kidding, I absolutely love Hello Fresh and their recipes.. looking forward to what’s next.. 

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