Dinner tonight was oh so Smoky 🔥 (In a Great way)

Tonight dinner was Smoky Black Bean Cakes with sweet corn avocado salsa on a bed of Arugula.. This meal has even my kids saying, Mom this may be the best meal yet. Of course that put a big smile on my face. 

The prep was not the fun part, I mean who shucks corn anymore now a days; when you can just go buy sweet corn already frozen or however you prefer. However, you can’t buy the freshness. Everything needed to be halved, core, pitted, sliced, cubed or diced. Once all that was done then the fun part of cooking started. 

Making the black bean cakes was pretty cool if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, no seriously, unless you cook with gloves expect the mushiness of the beans to leave its stain. Needless to say, I was constantly washing my hands. Adding the Panko was a nice touch to the black bean burger mix. Once the food was all done the flavor of everything was so worth all the effort… looking forward to what the next meal will bring… 

One thought on “Dinner tonight was oh so Smoky 🔥 (In a Great way)

  1. Looks delicious – I love black beans and corn!! And this post reminds me, I need to start some arugula and spinach in my greenhouse. Thanks for stopping by my blog – it was nice to see you. I’ve followed you do I can see your next adventure and hope you’ll follow us too! Have a great weekend!!

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