Phone carriers, plans and privileged kids… can I just scream right now???

So I don’t know when we jumped into the age where elementary school kids need to have mobile phones, but it is driving me completely insane. First off, these phone carriers are a rip off and they make you think you are signing up for the greatest deal when in actuality you are not. Now they have this thing where you can lease the phone at only an additional 20 a month… {Pause}  Big deep inhale and exhale. This is per line. My two lovely children have requested they get phone plans and not only that, but the apple iPhone. What happened to children going outside and playing? Now everything has to be electronic based? (Another frustrated sigh)

Anyways, so after entertaining the idea with my current phone carrier or possibly adding on 2 additional lines I couldn’t bring myself to say okay sure charge me over $220 a month for 3 phones and that’s supposed to be a saving. (Now I am just laughing). 

I think the real issue is these commercialized holidays putting the pressure on parents to have to cave into what is acceptable according to societal standards. Maybe I am wrong, maybe my children are the only kids in elementary school who don’t have actual phones. (hmmm) I don’t know, but I never been one to keep up with the next person.

I do know that as a hard working parent, I shouldn’t be getting so stressed out about phones. Maybe after Christmas I can revisit the phone situation. Am I the only parent who struggles with this? I just needed to take time and vent. I should meditate or do some yoga because I can name so many reasons why children age 9 & 11 shouldn’t have expensive phones. Thanks for stopping by, maybe drop some insight to help me better handle my so called dilemma.



4 thoughts on “Phone carriers, plans and privileged kids… can I just scream right now???

  1. Get a landline for the house. They have tablets. If they need to talk to a friend, they can use the landline which is much cheaper than another cell phone account. We had landlines and rules. And we survived. 😊

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