Holiday baskets… turning ginger root into dried powder…. 

This year has been a transitional year of eating better and healthier. As I try to incorporate more herbs and spices into my spiritual journey, I can’t help but share it with those close to me. So I thought this holiday I would give thoughtful handcrafted gifts. 

So I allowed my mind to run with many ideas, such as adding handmade soaps herbal teas (Yogi brand),  oils for cooking and moisturizing and so much more. As my vision was coming together, I thought I try my hand at making ginger root into a dry powder. After researching how I should go about the process, I jumped right in with no hesitation. 

After I washed the ginger root, I begin cutting them into smaller pieces. 

From this point I placed them on a baking sheet to dry them in the oven on the lowest temperature turning them every 3 hours for 10-15 hours. Since I was so excited to see if it would work I had no problem waking in the wee hours to check on them. 

After the oven process I will say the scent of the ginger did change, in my opinion. 

The next step, was time to blend into a dry powder. Since I don’t have a dry blender I had to get creative and use my NutriBullet. (Fingers-crossed)🤞🏾 

I was very pleased with the outcome of the ginger. I’m looking forward to adding this to the collection of other things in the basket. 

The rest I jarred for later use in my household. Ginger has many benefits to our health. I recommend giving it a try in your eating habits or even adding to smoothies, juices or teas. Of course always check with your medical doctors to see if you are ok with adding it to your lifestyle. 

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