A week without Yoga…. Today my body gives thanks πŸ™πŸΎ

This past week I had to deal with loved ones transitioning out of the realm we call Earth. My mind was so consumed with situational things and sadness that yoga just feel to the wayside. Many calls and texts, consoling those who just couldn’t understand, Why? What I do know is we are all Energy and energy can’t die only be transferred. Many do not understand that or won’t allow that to be their truth because of religion beliefs and backgrounds. However, I know that this thing called, Death is only a transitional state into our next journey.

I rejoice in the fact of the memories of those who have went on to their next journey and I also rejoice in my returning of my sun salutations, the breath, the mindful meditation and the stretch of my limbs… So very thankful for the desire to come on my mat and be my own teacher.. (Always respect the teacher in yourself). Once I was finished, I came into my corpse pose – Savasana- here I was able to reflect, focus on my breath send energy to different parts of my limbs and give thanks. Upon opening my eyes, my body felt amazing it’s as if I heard the inside of my body say Thank you. 

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